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Highly detailed miniatures

Whether you paint just to get your models on the table, or if you like to take your models into the realms of fine art, there is not limits.

Painting the models can be as enjoyable as the game itself.

Customize with Ease

The sheer variety gives the model builder a ton of options for their forces.

We provide models that will allow you to give character to your creations and which can represent all possible variations of vehicles.

Historic models

We aim to develop our miniatures based on real research and analysis of existing models.

Just to give you the best rendering on the gaming table: references are verified and we propose real units only.

Live the full Story with Historic wargaming

Normandy Miniatures is a new company which manufactures hard plastic and resine wargaming miniatures. It was born in the mind of passionate French wargamers to provide some miniatures kits to all the wargamers.

Our models are based on real war units in operations on the battlefield, our commitment is to assemble miniatures that stick to reality.

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